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Spotify VS RDIO

As part of the interview process at Neustar, I was asked which experience I liked better, Spotify or RDIO? A short question with a not-so-short answer. Since this presentation was created, RDIO has shut down.

I pulled together an informal presentation around my answer. I include it here not because the presentation was well designed, but because it reflects my thought process in an informal, 'unsanitized' document.

Included here are screenshots of the original Spotify and RDIO experiences, plus visual designs I created to illustrate a unified solution. Ideally, I would have had more data and insight into user interaction and engagement.

For me, open communication, a culture of exploration and experimentation, and a thoughtful, analytical approach to problem solving, are all highly desirable attributes of any work environment. That's one of the reasons I am comfortable sharing a document this raw: if you appreciate this, we'll probably get along well.

Spotify VS RDIO: What We Do

Spotify VS RDIO Download

Spotify VS RDIO: Text


Some key screens are below. For the full story, it is recommended that you grab the complete presentation from the 'Download' section above.

Spotify VS RDIO: Text

Framing the problem.
[BTW, the correct answer is 'Beatles', with due respect to Mick and the boys.]

Spotify VS RDIO: Image

It quickly becomes obvious that RDIO has a superior UX. To learn why, download the PDF above for more details.

Spotify VS RDIO: Image

Distilling down market share, user feedback, and UX best practices and recommending a path forward.

Spotify VS RDIO: Image

New landing page design. Would Spotify agree to adopting a dark chrome? Perhaps as an option to the light theme?

Spotify VS RDIO: Image

So many words. But when you are trying to communicate your thinking via Keynote (and only Keynote), words will have to do.

Spotify VS RDIO: Image

I urge you to download the entire presentation in the Download section near the top of this page. Much more detail and analysis.

Spotify VS RDIO: Image
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