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Process Overview

A short presentation on modes and methods within UX. By no means exhaustive, a simple look at some of the process I use and useful to kick off a discussion with clients.

After 25 years in product UX at companies large to small (from AOL to a three-person start-up), the only thing that is certain is that every project will be different. Time, resources, available data, product lifecycle, product type, market maturity, and on and on, all dictate their own solutions and paths forward. That is probably why I love UX so much: it is never the same river twice.

Process Overview: What We Do
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Broad Strokes

The above is a Reader's Digest form of what UX brings to bear. For instance, research can take a myriad of forms and can occur at each and every phase of a project. 

Every project is unique. This should embraced. Applying a cookie-cutter approach can waste time, money and resources, not to mention it can result in a less than stellar outcome.

To learn more, do not hesitate to reach out and ask how I can help. 

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