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Identity Guard Responsive Web

Roles  I  Director UX, Product Vision

The business objective was to have the web and mobile experiences released in tandem. 

After the initial launch, the executive team chose to focus on adding features rather than polishing what had been developed. The workflows and IA  tested well with users: the expectations were clear and tasks easy to achieve. And while we never received negative feedback on the UI design, I would have loved to have had a chance to revisit the visuals.

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Our initial insights were based on two sources: demographic data gleaned from an Identity Guard legacy product and a Kano chart of potential product features, the result of a study conducted by an outside agency.

From the legacy product data we knew our audience skewed older, and from there we could derive some assumptions about device usage and preference, and consumption habits. We also had some justification for feature prioritization. 

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Information Architecture and Work Flow

Below are a handful of the wireframe explorations in the early phase of UI definition. These explorations helped discussions with Product and Development to discuss feature direction and gauge level of effort, as well as fueling user testing being conducted by my team.

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UI Design

Below are some artifacts from the visual design process. 

The mocks below were created for MVP.  Some of the elements were inherited from a previous product design. I wish I could have been able to revisit the visual design system, but our priority was on building out the feature set. User feedback on the experience (clarity on workflows, visual design) was largely positive.

The zebra striping became a central brand element and was used prominently across our marketing and trade show materials.

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