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Four Corners

Roles  I  Co-Product Owner, Creative Direction, UI Design

Four Corners was a game developed with an engineer colleague from AOL.

It was released for iOS.

Four Corners: About

Game Objective & Play

The objective is straightforward: clear a certain number of squares from the game board before the timer runs out. 

To clear squares, the player must draw a rectangle by dragging from corner to the opposite catty-corner. The squares inside the rectangle will be cleared only if all four corners of the rectangle drawn by the player are the same color. 

There are a number of special squares to help the player: bomb squares remove and collect squares of that color, chameleon squares shuffle the colors on the board, and multiplier squares for bonus points. 

Two skins were developed: a white and a black.

We field tested dev builds with friends and family and fine tuned gameplay before launching.

The game enjoyed a moderate success in the App Store. 


Four Corners: Text
Four Corners: Pro Gallery
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