Four Corners

Roles  I  Co-Product Owner, Creative Direction, UI Design

Four Corners was a game I developed with an engineer colleague from AOL. It was released as an iOS app. We co-developed the concept and mechanics.​


Game Objective & Play

The objective is straightforward: clear a certain number of squares from the game board before the timer runs out. 

To clear squares, the player must draw a rectangle by dragging from one corner to the opposite corner. The squares inside the rectangle will be cleared only if all four corners of the rectangle are the same color.  Hence, Four Corners.

There are a number of special squares to help the player: bomb squares removed and collect squares of that color, chameleon squares shuffle the colors on the board, multiplier squares award extra squares for a clear. 

The timer always was a minute, but the number of squares a player had to clear was ever increasing, and the number of different colors on the board also increased (decreasing the likelihood of rectangles with same-colored corners).

We field tested dev builds with friends and family and fine tuned gameplay before launching.

The game enjoyed a moderate success in the App Store. Easy to learn with a nice balance of strategy, luck and quick thinking. 



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