Identity Guard iOS & Android

Project Overview

The business objective was to have the web and mobile experiences released in tandem, after four months of development. That was all-inclusive: user and product research, concept exploration, information architecture, interaction design, visual design, development and QA in four months, for both responsive web and native iOS and Android apps.

Based on our testing on Usertesting.com and Call Center summary logs, users were able to understand the paradigms we adopted and were able to complete core tasks easily.



After the initial launch, the company prioritized additional features over other considerations, so many of the MVP quirks remained, especially the initial visual design. While users were never critical of the visual design, I would have embraced the opportunity to go back in and polished the look and feel. 


Information Architecture and Work Flows

The native mobile experience was developed in tandem with the responsive web site. Illustrated here is a core flow: receiving and resolving alerts.


Visual Design

The visual design for the native app experience was based off of the responsive web designs. It feels a bit heavy and dated, but tested well with our audience.

I've heavily annotated the designs below for the sake of this portfolio.